Data Housekeeping and Cleanup

Modern business is powered by data and analytics. New applications and systems are constantly being developed and deployed but all are limited by the quality of the data stored in legacy systems. It is key to have a repository of content that is aggregated, normalized and semantically enriched to prevent data redundancy and reduce inaccuracies. In the publishing world a common issue is different stakeholders having multiple overlapping roles; authors, reviewers, editors, readers, members, leadership, etc., resulting in multiple accounts on multiple systems, storing fragmented, siloed and often out of date information. Common problems arise from:

•    Several separate accounts being created by individuals over time – with different usernames/email addresses/passwords

•    Possible additional accounts created ‘on behalf of’ a user, for example, by a co-author, a submitting author, and possibly auto-created by the system. A user may not even be aware of these accounts.

•    A user’s history, activity, publications, reviews, etc., spread across separate accounts with no coherent overview of the user’s interactions with the publisher/platform.

Compuscript offers experienced analysts, verifiers, administrators, QC and QA staff to help with all these related activities to clean up client database records including:

•   Merging

•   Appending

•   Deduping

•   Cleansing

•   Verification

•   Validation

•   Updating