Digital Typesetting

We specialize in creating page layouts and cover designs that are smooth and easy to navigate and provide an engaging experience to the readers. Our design philosophy stems from the commitment to provide content that is accessible, comprehensible and memorable. Apart from composition services across the core spectrum of science, math, social studies/humanities and arts, we also provide product design and editorial/production management.

We produce pages with an aesthetic touch, giving shape and breathing life into the author’s work. With over 15 years of experience in the page composition domain, our specialists possess the unique skills to bring an author’s work to life. We have managed thousands of books with different levels of complexity, from single column to multi-column layouts, and from trade books to design-heavy titles. We design our titles in both Windows and Mac platforms using typesetting engines as per the customer’s requirement.

  •  InDesign
  •  Quark
  •  FrameMaker
  •  PageMaker
  •  LaTeX