tips for cover letter

Request for revision – be clear

The Editor-in-Chief may deal with thousands of papers. He may not remember the details of your paper, and he certainly will not have the time to go through your revision line by line. Impress the Editor with your clear response.

Tips on making your revision clear

  • Convert the reviewer comments into a list
  • Respond to each comment directly under the list
  • Indicate what has been done
  • Indicate where the change has been made
  • If necessary, supply a revised version of the paper with the changes highlighted, in addition to the unmarked revised version
  • Remember that the reviewers were satisfied with the rest of your paper, so the Editor does not need to re-read all of your paper.
  • Don’t ignore any reviewer comments!
  • Add a cover letter to your revised submission, thanking the Editor and reviewers for their comments, that a detailed response to each comment follows, and a revised version of the paper has been uploaded.

Handling Reviewer comments

Finally, you have to respond to the reviewer’s comments. Here are some examples of common reviewer comments, and how to respond to them.