Elsevier screenshot

Submitting your article: find the right journal

Finding the right journal to submit your article to can be a problem; there are so many journals to choose from! However, the publishers Elsevier and Springer have introduced a feature where you can paste your article title and abstract into a search field and it will find a suitable journal for you.

Both of these Elsevier’s journal finder and Springer’s journal selector  use sophisticated semantic searches to match your article to the field of research covered by the journals. Above is an example from Elsevier.

Publishers are always looking for ways to help authors. To find out more, check out International Science Editing’s article on “Journal Publishers”.

If you have more specific requirements, such as high impact factor, PubMed/MEDLINE listing, open access, rapid publication, international or subject-specific areas, you will have to target the journal in more detail. If you would like specialized guidance in selecting a journal for your article, please contact us at admin@internationalscienceediting.com.